For over 20 years, the health profession has been flat out wrong!

Discover the real secret behind 'The French Paradox'

And why you too could eat fine cheese, tasty fillet and enjoy perfect Merlot every day

Dear Health Bytes reader,
The French are renowned for their high fat diet.
From buttery croissants and double-thick cream to duck fat, liver paté, decadent sauces and soft, oozy Camembert. Not a meal goes by where they don’t indulge foods rich in heart-clogging fat.
But here’s the surprising thing:
Their hearts are amazingly healthy!
In fact, according to the World Health Organisation, the average South African is three times more likely to suffer from heart problems than the French.

Even more surprising, their heart health stats are the third lowest in the world – just behind Korea and Japan. 
How do they do it?
Why is their heart disease risk so much lower than ours?
The global medical community spent decades wondering the same thing… They were so intrigued, they even coined this phenomenon: “The French Paradox”.
And after decades of research, they came up with an answer.
In the early 90s, scientists published studies that indicated that the French’s notorious wine drinking was the solution. Since grapes are packed with anti-oxidants that support heart health, no one questioned this deduction.
Now, new research shows that the “obviousness” of this solution was perhaps a little too obvious…

For more than 20 years, the health profession has been wrong!

Over the past ten years, annual wine reports out of France show an alarming decline in wine consumption.
They revealed that the average Frenchman now drinks half as much wine as he did just 20 years ago.
Despite this, they continue to show astonishingly low levels of heart disease and heart-related deaths.
Researchers further busted this wine myth by showing that the Japanese – who are 9,844 km away – share the same secret. And it makes them half as likely to develop heart disease than you!

So what is it the Japanese and French share when it comes to astonishing heart health?

It’s their diet.
Now I know what you’re thinking… The Japanese’s diet is vastly different to that of the French.
Where the French revel in rich, fatty decadence, Japanese staples – like soy, green tea and tofu – are amazingly healthy.
So there must be a common denominator, right?
The answer lies in oils – Omega 3s to be specific.
Now that makes sense in Japan. After all, according to the Journal of American College of Cardiology, the Japanese eat eight times more fish than the rest of the world.
But the French don’t eat nearly that much fish.
So where are they getting their Omega 3 dose from?
The answer lies in the fat-filled dairy and meat products they consume daily.
As Dr Jürg H. Beer, from Switzerland’s Baden Canton Hospital, explains the plants in the Alpine regions around France produce Omega 3 fats in abundance.
And since the livestock of the region eat these plants, their dairy products (and the meat of the animals they come from) are high in this essential nutrient too.
In fact, these products are so rich in Omega 3 they outrank almost all non-fish forms of the nutrient.
And since few nutrients are as powerful as Omega 3s when it comes to protecting your heart, all of a sudden those French heart health stats make sense.

Studies reveal: Omega 3s support your heart health from every angle

Countless studies reveal Omega 3s cover every aspect of a healthy heart.
To understand why, you first need to understand how your heart works.
Essentially, your heart is nothing more than a sophisticated pump and pipe system.
A healthy heart delivers oxygen and nutrients to all your living tissue by maintaining a steady rhythm that squirts blood into your blood vessels (the “pipes” that transport blood around your body).
But it’s when there’s a blockage in either the pump or the pipes that you start to suffer from heart problems.
And when it comes to your heart, one of the biggest blockages you find is cholesterol.
Over time, cholesterol builds up and plaque slowly blocks the blood flow in the arteries.
Just like a pipe with a kink in it, clogged-up blood vessels offer more resistance. This shoots your blood pressure through the roof. And makes your heart pump harder to get the same amount of blood through it.
Now if this was, say, your pool pump, that pressure buildup would eventually result in total system failure. 
The same happens to your heart.
Over time, this “wear and tear” damages the walls of your blood vessels, exhausts your heart and causes heart failure.
But Omega 3s protect you from all this!
And according to numerous studies published in the journal Circulation, they do this in three ways:
First, they stabilise your heart beat. This is crucial because an irregular heartbeat is the leading cause of sudden cardiac arrest. 
Next, they boost your HDL or “good” cholesterol. And HDL is key to flushing out the bad cholesterol that causes that dangerous plaque buildup I mentioned earlier. (They even stabilise any plaque build up you do have so that it doesn’t rupture and cause a potentially fatal blood clot).
And finally, they expand your blood vessels. This, in turn, automatically brings your blood pressure down and takes pressure off your heart.
The result?
Healthy blood pressure, perfect cholesterol and a life free from the fear of a heart attack.
But there’s more to Omega 3s than just a healthy heart…

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The health benefits of Omega 3 don’t stop there…
Not by a long shot!

If you think Omega 3s are just a great ingredient for your heart, you’re wrong. They’re so much more than that!
Omega 3s are also crucial for mental health!
So crucial, in fact, recent studies out of Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital prove Omega 3s are eight times more effective than Prozac!
And it’s all thanks to the effect Omega 3s have on your brain and how it communicates.
You see, your brain works a bit like your car’s ignition.
In the same way you have to put the key in the ignition and turn it to start your car, your brain’s synapses connect two neurons and give them a charge to “talk” to each other. But for this to happen, the wall – or membrane – that surrounds those neurons needs to be whole.
That’s where Omega 3s come in.

They help this membrane retain its elasticity… Enhance the flow of pulses from neuron to neuron… And improve blood flow to your brain.
That’s why people who don’t get enough Omega 3 commonly suffer from conditions like dementia, depression, attention deficit disorder, dyslexia and even Alzheimer’s.
But studies by McLean Hospital have shown taking the right combination of Omega 3s will help you remember simple things like picking up the milk on your way home… What the name of that new guy from accounts is… Where you put your car keys… All without a moment’s hesitation.
You’ll also be able to deal with the pressure of meeting your hectic work deadlines without feeling like you’re going to crumble under the pressure.
That’s the power Omega 3s have on your brain.

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Omega 3s can slam the brakes on ageing!

Ageing is about so much more than preventing wrinkles and brown spots.
Putting a stop to the ageing process means protecting EVERY cell in your body!
And that’s the Omega 3 anti-ageing phenomenon. 
These amazing nutrients protect your cell membranes from deteriorating.
You see, your cell membranes are just like that thin layer that surrounds an egg yolk, explains FSP Nutritionals’ Dr William Campbell Douglass II. As long as it’s intact, everything is dandy.
But the thing that causes the most damage to your cell membranes is time. As you get older, the daily stress on your cell membranes starts to take its toll. They lose their elasticity and become rigid.
That’s when the tough layer that once surrounded your cells turns into a wafer thin sheet of glass.
But Omega 3s slam the brakes on your cell membranes’ natural breakdown and revitalise your worn out cells too.
Omega 3s:
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Sounds great, right?
And it is.
But before you rush off to your local pharmacy, I must warn you:

There’s a major problem with most Omega 3 supplements!

When it comes to quality, not all Omega 3 supplements are equal.
Consumer reports in the States have shown that as many as one third of all top-selling Omega 3 supplements fall short on quality.
That’s because they contained trace levels of man-made organic chemicals called PCBs, which are known for their cancer-producing qualities.
So even if you’re already taking an Omega 3 supplement, you may be doing more harm to your health than good.
To get the astonishing results I’ve described from the research above, you need to take an Omega 3 supplement of superior quality that contains the optimum combination of these nutrients.

Introducing FSP Nutritionals Omega 3

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  1. An Omega 3 supplement free from the dangerous PCB contamination and exposure to other harmful chemicals.
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Annabel Koffman
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